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and other done when i was supposed to be animating lol

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Something I painted to keep my spirits up while my neck and shoulders were WRECKING me

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"She who dedicated her life in service of the goddess had only one thing she desired in return. The answer to a simple question." Elfuary Prompt #1 Worship (Twitter)

And so I’ve finally finished this art of Mira that’s been sitting in my WIPs for a long time (like all the others) 😭✨ I wanna draw their partner next but I don’t even have a design for them yet hah

I also developed a love/hate relationship with rendering the color black 🙂

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Inktober 2019 #11-15

Post-it Note Inktobers #11-#15 - various dragons from Flight Rising!

another epyllion NPC. let me tell you, this game is a VERY good excuse to draw as many dragons as i goddamn want

Just Hayds secretly juding his bf's music tastes 😌🎼✨He just can't vibe with country music at all lmao. Also, my understanding of color, lighting, and perspected have never been this tested 😩

Desmond (right) belongs to my pal/co-writer @BalarAkunama on Twitter :'>

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Lorelion is a very sad elf and Lil’Ugly is his only friend

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Slowly but surely getting the vibes back

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Miku at Coachella Miku at Coachella Miku at Coachella Miku at Coachella (twitter)

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Still in that winter mood and wanted to draw some plaid? Just wanted to bust this out before my spring mood kicks in (because my allergies are already here). More practice with backgrounds! More interesting shots!

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oh yah i forgot this

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[id: a drawing of my oc, bee. they have tawny brown skin and dark brown eyes. they have fluffy shoulder length brown hair. are wearing a red cloak with playing card patterns on it, and a red coat underneath. they have white stockings and dark brown fur boots. they are walking towards the left of the camera while looking up. end id]

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rude criminal man and his rude adopted child

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Vindicaris - Mermay(s)

Mermay 2018 + 2019. Got some ideas for 2020 already.